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Asahi Shimbun: Film to become the ray of hope

Asahi Shimbun 10/31/2018 Kibo no hikari ni naru eiga. Korekara mo.  Film to become the ray of hope. Dome no Tabibito – Traveler to the Dome Edited by Tetsuaki Otaki I came to Hiroshima for the screening of my first documentary feature film, Sands of Silence at the Hiroshima City University.  I have been researching sexual exploitation […]

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Heart-wrenching trip to EL PASO, TX and CIUDAD JUAREZ, MX

A new app and the infatigable work of advocates like Verónica Corchado in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico,  is providing a safety network to the young girls at risk of being raped, kidnapped, trafficked and disappeared everyday while commuting for work or study through what’s been called the **most dangerous corridor in the world.** —– When Liz […]

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Sables de Silence Trailer French

SABLES DE SILENCE: Vagues de Courage

Sands of Silence: Waves of Courage Un film documentaire sur la violence et le traffic sexuel SYNOPSIS ~ Après plus de 15 ans consacrés à dévoiler le monde souterrain de l’exploitation sexuelle et du trafic des êtres humains de l’Asie à l’Amérique, la journaliste et réalisatrice espagnole Chelo Alvarez-Stehle revient sur la plage de son […]

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Chelo presenting Sands of Silence Hiroshima City Uni

Universities – Feedback

“I’ve had three sexual assaults and I didn’t know that it was an assault because I wasn’t “raped.” I compared my stories to others and thought that it wasn’t that bad, I had no right to be upset. Also, because there was no gun to my head or a knife at my throat I thought […]

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