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Sables de Silence Trailer French

Movement du Nid: Prostitution et Société revue trimestrelle

  LIRE L’ARTICLE INTEGRAL ICI Les Sables de Silence: Vagues de Courage   ACHETER LE DVD AU CENTRE AUDIOVISUEL SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR Un film documentaire sur la violence et le traffic sexuel SYNOPSIS ~ Après plus de 15 ans consacrés à dévoiler le monde souterrain de l’exploitation sexuelle et du trafic des êtres humains de […]

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Chelo presenting Sands of Silence Hiroshima City Uni

Universities – Feedback

“I’ve had three sexual assaults and I didn’t know that it was an assault because I wasn’t “raped.” I compared my stories to others and thought that it wasn’t that bad, I had no right to be upset. Also, because there was no gun to my head or a knife at my throat I thought […]

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Chelo on panel European Parliament


“I am shocked, affected, with your absolutely crucial work. If we, politicians, don’t break our own silence, how can we expect that a regular person, a shop keeper, breaks hers? That is why your work is so important for all of us. You give us all a chance to be brave as you are.”  —MEP […]

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“SANDS of SILENCE offers a poignant look into the experiences of several women who survived acts of sexual violence. The film does an incredible job addressing the full spectrum of sexual violence, ranging from child sexual abuse to human trafficking. While many documentaries have illuminated this topic for audiences around the world, SANDS of SILENCE […]

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Chelo Alvarez-­Stehle at prison presentation of sex trafficking film


“I was deeply impacted by every case in the documentary, regardless the degree of violence. I identify with Chelo’s sister, with what she went through, and how you fell confused and often keep quiet because who did it was a member of your family, or because you are not able to define what is happening […]

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